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New kit and travel plans.

Hello girls!
It's been busy around here the last few days. I have been feeling much better most of the time and so I have been able to get a lot of work done.
We had a lovely Easter at my ILs, with my husband's whole family. The girls had a great time hunting for eggs and feasting on all the candy till dark. :-) Below are a couple of photos from the egg hunt and with the Easter bunny whom we saw on Saturday before Easter.
We have also finally managed to get some work done in the basement. Our laundry room is now all tiled and pretty. I am so excited, because we want to have most of the house work done before the baby is born, therefore we should be plenty busy for the rest of the summer. It feels good to have some of it done before we leave for a month.

I have collected a few LOs for you to see made with my latest kits. Once again, the girls did a marvelous job!

Julie, Semianka, Di

both by Di

Kit: Expectation
2 LOs by Adkava, Kate

Both by Valerie

And I have also had a little time to make you this little colorful mini: Blossoms.
It only has 6 papers and 19 elements, but I hope you'll be able to make some cute LOs with it.
Here are the LOs made with this kit:
Marbella, 2x Erika
And finally, here is a freebie sampler for you to enjoy. I hope you like it. You are welcome to leave a comment, wink, wink. :-) Download here.
Well, that is all from me for now. I have started working on a new kit, but there's no chance I'll have time to wrap it up before Monday, when we leave, so I hope you can bear with me for another month. I sure will miss playing with my PS, but I'm sure we'll end up having a great time. The weather there should be in the 70s, so we should be able to spend a lot of time out and about. We are really excited!
I hope I'll be able to catch up with you again in about a week. Wish me luck traveling, it will be most of 24 hours. :-(


Latest news.

Hello girls.

Another rough week is behind me, but today I am finally feeling a little better and so I ventured a short evening on the computer.
Here are my latest news:
We have finally booked our tickets overseas to go see my family. I have not been home for almost 2 years now, since my sister's wedding, so am really looking forward to seeing everyone. A few cousins and friends have had babies and obviously, my mum is dying to see my DD. I am also very excited because for the first time since my DD was born I will be able to travel light. We've been there 4 times with her so far and every one of those journeys have been a pain in the neck. Since I usually go for at least a few weeks, my DH doesn't go with us, but joins us later for a week or so, depending on how much vacation he can get. The way back is usually fun, but on the way there it's me, the baby, the suitcases, the stroller, the car seat... Well, this time I am planning on taking 2 suitcases, a booster seat and 2 carry-ons. And a little behaving girl on my side. :-) Well, that's the plan anyway...
My DH will come for 6 days this time.
On the way back we'll be stopping in Munich for a day to do a little sight-seeing, which should be pretty fun too. I am starting to be super excited. The weather should be great in May and I can't wait to take some fun photos.

We will be in Slovakia for most of 4 weeks. My mum will take 2 weeks off and since my sister teaches first-graders in an elementary school, she can cut her days pretty short on some of the days we are there. I am just so looking forward to visiting with everyone. I have been talking to my DD in Slovak a lot since she was born, but lately she chooses to speak English only, mostly since she's getting so good at using it, lol. I am really excited to see how she'll do speaking Slovak with my family and the children there. She wants to spend some time with her Grandma and since Grandma only speaks Slovak, my DD won't have a choice other than getting on with it. :-)

Unfortunately, I am not going to have access to the Photoshop for my whole stay in Slovakia. That is going to be pretty scary, lol. I take a whole bunch of photos and I like to tidy and brush them up within a few days of taking them, because otherwise I get stuck with hundreds of photos. Well, I've done it before and I can do it again. :-) I'll try to post at least a few, after I at least re-seize them in something my brother's PC has.

And finally, since I haven't been able to design much more than my parts in the store collaborations for this month, at least I've played with my latest kit and made this LO to show you. I have also collected some LOs from our BOP store gallery, made by our wonderful CTs. Take a look.

Kit Young Love, CT: Kate

Kit Springtime Mini: CT: Julie