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Template Blog Train at Ahhh Scrap!

Hello girls,

I am back with yet another fun freebie train, this time organized by the girls at the store Ahhh Scrap!

But before I get to the blog train, I want to mention again that The Daily Scrapper features an interview with me this week and a lucky draw , where you can enter for a chance to win a kit of mine of your choice. Please follow the links for more information.

And now about the train. This time the freebies are templates. There are some commercial and some personal use templates. Please read the TOUs to check.
This is a 'true' blog train, so you'll only get one address to follow from each blog. Eventually you'll end up at the Ahhh Scrap Blog. I hope you'll like the templates and leave us some luv. :-)

Here is my template:

And here is the following blog address:
Paula's Creative Scrapbooking

And one more announcement:
Here is my newest kit Springtime Mini. As I promised, it's a kit made including my sampler released at AS last week. I hope you like the kit. Below are some wonderful LOs made by my CTs.

You can get the kit at the stores
Ahhh Scrap!
Bouquet Of Pixels

Erika, Marbella, Erika

Marbella, Manuela, Janka


Interview at The Daily Scrapper

Hello girls,
this is just a quick post to let you all know that The Daily Scrapper will be featuring an interview with me this week. Also included is a lucky draw for those of you interested in winning a free kit of mine of your choice.

all you have to do is go to the store
Bouquet Of Pixels
and browse my store.
You chose the kit you'd like to win and enter the lucky draw.

And if you like some more products in the store, here is a special discount coupon for you to use in the next 2 weeks only:

Have fun!

Below is the preview of the new kit I am making at the moment.


Freebie at Ahhh Scrap! store

Hello everyone.

As I promised on Thursday, I am back with a little freebie released at the store Ahhh Scrap! today.
It's a little springtime mini. I hope you'll like it. Don't forget the freebies at Ahhh Scrap! are only valid for 48 hours, so go snag it right away. But if you come too late, I am planning on expanding it a little and putting it right back to the stores.

Before you grab it, I wanted to share some LOs made by my CT Di, with the last two kits Expectation and Sunny-Side-Up:

And here is the promised freebie:

Get it from the store HERE

I want to say a big thank you for all the wonderful replies to my previous post. I am glad you liked the freebie and enjoyed the blog train.


I Am Back / Blog Train

Hello everyone!
I am finally back... thank you for bearing with me.
I guess some explanation is in order, lol.
Well, as I announced a month ago, my family and I are going through some changes. First of all, I am pregnant, which is a wonderful news to us. I am not feeling well at all, therefore I simply had to stay off the computer for days at the end. I feel pretty sick in the afternoons and evenings, so any designing at nights was out of the question. I can't say that I am feeling much better, but the pattern of being sick every day is somewhat changing, so I am hoping that my morning (evening) sickness will be over soon.
Also, I am very excited about the fact that I got the job as a translator working from home, which is perfect for me, being that I will stay at home with my second baby as I did with my daughter. It will take a while to get busy with the agency, so I am going to take it as it comes.
I have however reconsidered my involvement with some of my stores, since it was getting just too much to package and load my products to so many places. I just don't think I would have the time to do as good a job as I'd like. So, as of now I still sell at 4 places, but this might also change. OK, enough with all the personal info, lol. Let me show you what my CTs have been up to.

Here are the LOs made with my kit Expectation. I absolutely love how they all turned out.

Zuzana, Erika, Zuzana P

Kate, Semianka, Kate

Kate, Manuela, Julova

Petra, Jana, Erika

Di, Manuela, Bryanna


The kit is available HERE

I have released another CU product and it is currently on sale at
Bouquet Of Pixels, Ahhh Scrap and Digiscrap Shop,
as well as all my other CU products.

Also, in the little time I have managed to spend on the computer, I have made this crazy colorful kit. It's called Sunny-Side-Up and don't ask me why.
I think it must be the hormones kicking in, lol.

And here are a few LOs my CTs already made with the kit:
Erika, Marbella, Manuela

Erika, Me, Bara


And hereis another LO made by Manuela with my older kit Ahoy Mateys! So cute.

And finally, today I am going to share a little freebie with you. It's a part of a blog train organized with some of the designers at the Digiscrap Shop. Below you'll find the list of participating designers.

Also, at Digiscrap Shop we will be running a sale of 20% off when you spend $10 or more. The sale starts on the 20th and runs for a week. You should go check it out. We have over 40 designers there and some wonderful products. For the discounted price don't forget to use the coupon choochoo at the check out. Also, the alpha below is being given away at the store as a freebie, so you can grab it from there if you like it.

Well, that is all for now. I apologize again for taking the unexpected month off and I hope I will be back more often from now on. We have a blog train ready to launch at another store and on Monday you can find my newest freebie at the store AS, so come back to get it, as it only lasts for 48 hours.
Take a good care, ladies!