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Winner Of The Silent Pact Challenge Announcement.

Hello Everyone.
Today is the closing date for my Silent Pact Add On Freebie Challenge.
I have a winner to announce. I really liked all the LOs you've linked me to. You've come up with some really neat ideas.
It's Sonrisa and here is her layout:I absolutely loved all the layers in her LO and the precious photo she used to scrap.
Thank you all so much for playing.
I will be back with another challenge in a few days.

Diky, kocky ze ste sa prisli zahrat. O par dni budem mat nachystanu dalsiu challenge. Dufam ze sa zas zastavite.

Anyway, tomorrow we are about to release a Blog Train from our store Scraphead. There will be many quick pages and Brag Book pages and store goodies information, so if you need to stock up on some fun Haloween Designs, come back tomorrow for all the info.


Today I only have one LO to share with you.
I haven't been able to spend much time on the computer, since Friday was my DD's birthday and we are having parties the whole weekend. Today we had our friends over and tomorrow we're expecting the family.
Today's party was really fun. We had 7 kiddos here, but surprisingly the party went really smooth. Tomorrow we'll get to see all my in-laws. I am looking forward to this party too, since my husband's family is a lot of fun. My DD can't wait to share all her new toys with her cousins..
Anyway, on my DD's birthday I managed to make the princess sit for a minute to take a couple of shots and this LO is made with one of those. I will probably have some more party photos to scrap later on in the week.

I am also attaching a picture of my latest paper kit, which is already in most of my stores. I have started working on the elements, but it will take a few days yet.

For those ones of you that want to buy any of my latest kits, I am currently having a 50% sale at my newest store, The Scraphead, so check it out.

Well, it's almost 2 am again and I need to turn in, but I'll have some more LOs to show you soon. Thanks for stopping by.


Yet Another Freebie At Ahhh Scrap! Store.

I am sorry, this freebie has expired.

I know, this is getting out of hand, lol. But that's just the way my schedule at the Ahhh Scrap! worked out this month and I have yet another freebie for you to grab. Make sure you get this one soon, because the store freebies expire in a few days and then you will have to purchase them if you want to have them.
So, here's the freebie Quick Page made with our latest collab, which is also currently on sale through the end of September. I'll post the link to it too in case you'd like to check it out:

Link to the freebie HERE

And this is the preview of the whole September Collab, currently in store for $4.99
(179 elements and 121 papers)


My New Freebie At The Ahhh Scrap! Store

Sorry, this freebie has now expired and is available at the store for $1.49.

Hello everyone.
Just a quickie today, before I have to run off and work on my list of 100 things to do (that nobody will notice but have to get done), lol.
I want to share this link with you to my freebie at the store
Ahhh Scrap!

It's a quick page to my kit Silent Pact, also available at the store.

Once again, thank you all for participating in my challenge. I love all the LOs you've linked me to. I've seen about 8 of them now and I love them all. If you still want to play, you have another week before we close this challenge. The link to the mini add-on is in the link below.

Hugs to you all and see ya soon.


Challenge: Silent Pact Add-On

Hello everyone.
Finally I got some time together to post another freebie. My daughter started the preschool a few days ago and is very excited about it. We've discussed several times why I can't stay in with her the whole time, but it seems to be resolved now. I am ashamed to say that I've told her that I'm actually hanging around the school the whole time, getting a coffee from the shop down the road or just standing there, right by the door.. Lol, can you imagine!? But seeing that she's about to cry, I just never had the heart to tell her that I'm heading home for some serious alone time (like right now). I hope I'll be able to spill the beans soon, before she peeks out of the window only to see me drive away...


I am back with another freebie for you and this time also a challenge.
I have been busy designing this last month and I've made 4 new kits. I would like to take some time now and 'play with them' a little. So, here is the deal:
I'd like to post a challenge or two here on my blog each month. It's going to be a mini add on for some of my new kits. You are welcome to download the add on and use it in any LO you'd like to make. I don't mind if you add an extra brad or a bow, as long as I don't have to look for the freebie items with a magnifying glass, lol. You send me the links to your LOs and I will randomly select a winner, who will then get the link to the whole kit that matches this freebie, in this case it's the Silent Pact Kit.I will link to your LOs in a following post so you get to see the other people's work.
So, please join in and enjoy!


Here is my LO I've made using this add on.
You have till the end of September to complete this challenge.
Have fun!

And here are some of the LOs already submitted:
Great job guys! They look wonderful!


Indian Summer

Hello from somewhat sunny Wisconsin.
I hope you are enjoying the last warmer days. We're trying to get out and about as much as we can.
Our DD has started her preschool yesterday and although she's not sure how she feels about staying there alone, I think she likes the teachers and enjoys the activities. She's growing so fast, I can't believe it. Her 4th birthday is only a few days away. (Note to self: Start thinking about that birthday party...)
Today I have been awarded Brilliance Blog Award by Kcherrie, someone I don't know yet, but she thinks my blog is worth reading, for which I'm really grateful. It's good to know that someone stops by to read my mumbling, lol. If I had to award someone, it would be the great girls that just got my award last week and then some. So, I'm just going to list them here and hope they won't stop talking to me after all this love I'm sending their way.
Here goes:
and Bambrlka

Well, it's half past 12 (again) and I want to quickly share my latest creation with you.
I have just uploaded my new autumn kit Indian Summer into the store Ahhh Scrap! and will have it at the other stores by the time most of you'll be reading this.
This kit was really fun to make and I hear from my CTs that it's fun to use too, lol.

I know that I've promised a freebie from my last kit for this week, but I have just learned that we are playing Bingo at the Ahhh Scrap! Thu 18th at 8 central and my newest autumn kit is going to be used as a prize. So I thought it would be nice to let you have a look at the kit beforehand.
Therefore, I'm going to share a quick page with you and if you like it, you can pick the kit here at the Ahhh Scrap! (All my items are currently on sale, till 21 Sep, so you can get it 30% off too. )
And here is the freebie:

But if you like games, come join us at the Ahhh Scrap Forum. You'll find the information about the details under Crops and other fun activities. Maybe you'll be the lucky one and win the kit.


The End Of Summer.

Hello to all.
I hope that you've managed to have some fun over the holiday weekend. We didn't do too much, just went and visited with family and tried to spend some time outside and soak the warmth of the last summer days. I have taken some cute photo's that I can't wait to scrap. I have done some LOs with them already, but am ready for more.
I have been busy designing too. I now have a new kit in the stores, called Silent Pact. it's about all the things girly and pretty. I am actually running a sale on all my products at the store Ahhh Scrap!, if you'd like to go check it out.
I decided to get a jump start on the newest collaboration kits for 2 of my stores and I'm all done, though I can't show you the preview of those just yet. So yep, I've been designing away...
My latest LOs:Also, check out the fabulous LOs of my CT girls in the slideshow on the left!

And here is the freebie for this week. It's an add on for one of my older kits,
Bohemian Rose. Next week I'll have an Add-on for my newest kit, Silent Pact, so stop by again. You can get both of these kits along with all my other products for 30% less at the Ahh Scrap! Store.

Grab the Freebie HERE