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Happy Thanksgiving.

I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving in the circle of your loved ones.
We ourselves are heading for a dinner at our in-laws later on today, but I wanted to share the freebie that I've promised you yesterday before we go.

I have a quick photo of my DD at her first visit to the ice rink.
It ended up being so much fun that we can't wait to go again. I was expecting for her to get tired of it after 10-15 minutes of me dragging her around and her falling over every 3 seconds, but at our local rink they have these metal bars for the learners to hold on to and it made a huge difference. When I was little we didn't have these, so I had to learn the hard way. But then I was 5 or 6 and couldn't care less. The rink was right in front of my house the whole winter through, so there was no way I wouldn't skate... Anyway, my DD met a friend from school who was already doing a little better and the two of them just took off skating. My DD fell over a few times, but since she was holding onto the bar, she didn't fall hard. And at the end of the session she saw this teenager throwing the bar out of his way and all she said was: That's cool! and did the same. She never realized she actually skated on her own to go and fetch it again. We stayed the whole hour and a half and she was still mad that we had to leave. We'll have to go back every week now, lol.
I do have a photo, but it's really bad, since it was taken with my phone. I didn't want to drag my huge camera on the ice with me...Enough with all the blabbing. Here is the freebie:
It's another Christmas Card made with my newest kit Shades Of Frost. You can get this one at my store Ahhh Scrap!
I am sorry, this freebie has now expired and is available for sale in the store.)
I also wanted to let you know of our sale going on at the store through December. Check it out here:
Don't forget to use the code NovDec2008 when you check out to get 25% off on your purchases of $5 or more.


Christmas Card at Bouquet Of Pixels

I am sorry, this freebie hasexpired and is now available for sale in the store.

Hello Everyone.
Just a quick post today, since I am scheduled for a freebie at my store Bouquet Of Pixels.
I've made you a Christmas card in the regular photo size 6x4. All you need to do is add your photo and a message and you are ready to print your Season greetings.If you like it, be sure to come tomorrow, since I have more to come.
In case you like the kit, it's in the store too. It's called Shades Of Frost.

Also, we are having a store wide sale this whole weekend, starting on the Black Friday and lasting till Dec 1st, when we officially open the store. So make sure to come and check out all the new goodies.


Winter has come.

Hello everyone.
I hope you are all keeping warm. We sure are trying to. We've had some snow, but not much. Of course my DD tried to go out and make snow angels already, lol.

But mostly we try to keep busy inside. It's much easier with DD in preschool a couple of times a week. She enjoys the activities there so much and always has a blast. We've had a parent-teacher conference last week and she is doing really great.

Here are a couple of photos of her trying to figure out how to blow bubbles. She prefers not to get dirty and asks me to blow the bubbles for her, but this time she had to get on with the job by herself. Other than a few spills on the floor (You'd think she'd remember not to bend down with the bottle in her hand...) she did pretty good.

We've also been doing some cooking lately. She thinks she's really good and tries to help with everything. So far she didn't have any huge accidents and we really enjoy the time in the kitchen together. This took me by surprise, since I really hate cooking. I am still secretly hoping that she'll love it so much, she'll take over soon, lol. Here is her helping with the pancakes today.

I also want to let you know that I have now retired some of my oldest mini-kits to the Bargain Bin at the Ahhh Scrap! Store. You are welcome to them for a price of $1.99 to $2.49.

And finally, here is the freebie I want to share with you today. It's a quick page made with my newest kit, Shades Of Frost. Let me know how you like it.
(I am sorry, this freebie has expired.)


Freebie at the store Bouquet Of Pixels

Hello everyone.
I am sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I am just starting to catch up with my life again. This season gets pretty busy, like I'm sure it does for you too.
I have just finished working on my newest kits
After The Summer and
Shades Of Frost.

I have also been accepted at 2 newly opening stores, the Digiscrap Depot, as mentioned in my last post and at Bouquet Of Pixels. Both of them are officially opening at the end of the month, so there will be a lot of goodies to grab in both of them.

Here is my Brag Book Page made with one of my new kits, available for downloading at the Bouquet of Pixels.
(I am sorry, this freebie has expired and is now available for sale.)

I will be back with some more goodies and a photo or two in a couple of days.


Big News

Digiscrap Depot is opening a brand new store and I got a spot on the designer team!
The store should open on the Nov 30th, so watch out for more news.



40% Sale at J3.

Hello everyone.
I hope all of you are well and happy.
I've had a busy couple of weeks myself. Besides all the Halloween festivities and the hunting season craziness (my DH only, lol), I've had a minor dental emergency. I saw my dentist on Thu, after my tooth decided to break right in the middle of having a lunch with a girlfriend and a bunch of our kids. After I had my tooth fixed, I got an abscess on it and it became really painful. The dentist I go to doesn't open Fri-Sun. I thought that with a little pain meds I'll be fine till Mon. But I wasn't and by Mon I was practically bouncing off the walls. After I got my meds I almost over-dosed on the painkiller, since I never take any and these were pretty strong. I went for the full dose, since I wanted to be done with the bouncing-off-the-walls part.... Anyway, all is good now and I can get back to the uneventful everyday life...
I am attaching a couple of DD's Halloween photos. She was a very proud princess and went through the whole Trick-or-treat, smell-my-feet stuff flawlessly. I am mentioning that, because the last year trick-or-treating was not so smooth, lol.
As for my designing projects, I have just finished a new kit called After The Summer. It's in most of my stores already.

Right now I am having a week long 40% sale at the store J3 Designs, so if you want to grab any of my latest kits, now is a good time.
And finally, I want to share my latest freebie with you. It's a Brag Book Page and it's made with my new kit. You can download it here. (Sorry, this freebie has expired.)

Well, those were my news. I have more but I'll wait to share those with you in a day or two...
So for now, keep well and healthy and have fun scrapping.


$1 Day Wacky Wednesday

Today we are having a $1 Sale at the BUSYSCRAPPIN store. Come check it out!