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Freebie QP Bro And Sis at Ahhh Scrap!

Sorry, this freebie expired. Now available at the Ahhh Scrap! for $1.49.

Here is my freebie for this week at the store Ahhh Scrap! It's already available in the store, although the official release date is tomorrow. From tomorrow (30th) I am having a 3 day 30% sale on all of my products in the store, so you can go and check it out. While you are there, you can grab the other 2 freebie quick pages also available at the store exclusively.
I am currently finishing off the next kit, called My Bonnie. It will be at the store in a day or two. Here are some previews of the new kit:
My next week's freebies will be some quick pages for this kit and probably a mini ad-on, so come back to grab it.

My Bonnie

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny summer days. We are having such a great weather. I hope it will last for a while. We are thinking of taking a trip up north next weekend and I hope it's going to be nice outside. We'd like to drive up to the lake Superior. All of us would really love to lay on the beach and soak some sun.
We might end up going to my SIL's cabin instead, but that would be just as good.
My DH is finally finishing off one room in the basement. He did everything himself and it looks great. I'm so proud of him. All we need to do is to lay the tile for the floor and put up some trims. Oh, and fix the door frame. But it should be done in a matter of days. So that makes me mighty happy. Then I can finally clean all that mess my HD made down there, lol.
I have been working on the new kit for the last few days and I'm loving it. I would like to make some more elements, but it's getting too big. Might have to give some away in a frebie, lol.
Here is a preview of a LO I've made trying the kit out and also a preview of the papers. I've added another paper, the floral design you can see on the LO, but that should be final.
The whole kit should be in stores in a couple of days.
Meanwhile, I am having a 30% sale at the Ahhh Scrap! store starting tomorrow, so if you like any of my kits, you can grab them for a great price for 3 days. There will be a freebie at the store to make it worth your while, lol. I'll post a link to it later on today.


Freebie available at my store Ahhh Scrap!
I am having a 3 day 30% sale at the store on all my products. It will last from 30th till the end of Aug 1st.


Freebie at the store Busyscrappin

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

Here I come with the freebies for this kit.

I will be releasing a quick page for each of my stores, at BUSYSCRAPPIN today and in a day or two, there will be another freebie released in the store AHHH SCRAP!
There will be a 3 day sale on this new kit at Busyscrapin starting today and 3 days from the 30th at Ahhh Scrap! So if you like the kit, come and grab it these coming days.
Click on the photo or HERE for the download. (The link will take you to the store to the download, no registration needed.)
Enjoy and come back for the next freebie tomorrow.
Please leave some good word if you like the QPs (I could use some right now, lol.)

I am starting to work on another kit. It's going to be called My Bonnie and should be ready in a week or two.


Designs by LW

Today I got to play with some of my friend Lu's creations. She let me have her kit Memories and try it out. I really like the elements in this kit. Everything is very delicate and calming. You can see more of this kit at her blog, Design by LW.

You can also find the link to the sale of this kit and her other creations on her blog.


Here I am with the preview for the new kit. I need to do a little of packaging, but this should be most of it. It should be at the stores by this weekend at latest. I will also make a couple of freebies to go with it. I will list them all here at the blog. Please let me know how you liked it.

Hello everyone.
I haven't posted anything for a while, but I was still busy working on the new kit, Bro And Sis. It's coming together pretty well. I might add a couple of elements and papers yet, but most of it is done now. I have created these two LOs with it, trying it out. The first is of my sister and I back in 1997, the last millennium ..for sure. I am not sure what we were thinking letting our brother take this picture.... The second one is actually a photo of my friend's cuties, since I didn't have anything decent on my computer to use for this LO. What do I tell you, my brothers are just too ugly to be photographed....I know they'll never read a scrap blog, lol, so I'm safe...
I am happy to say that I now have 3 friends making some wonderful LOs with my kit as my 'lose' CT group, lol. You can check them out at the Inking Creations, Bambrlka scrap and Design by LW


Starting on a new kit.

I was going to take it easy for the next few days, but the computer has me under the spell... or otherwise I'm simply just addicted. I've taken a day off after I finished the BohemianRose (well, kind of) and then the next day I've decided to just try it out and make a LO and the next day I had this idea of making a kit for siblings. I want to call it 'Bro and Sis' and I am hoping that I'll manage to keep my feminine side at bay, for once, but as of now I am failing miserably. Give me a chance though, I'll work on it really hard. You'll probably laugh when you see the preview with this post, but we'll see who'll be laughing at the end (probably still you..)
I am also attaching my new LO made with Bohemian Rose. It's my DD on our biking trip. Her fashion sense still slays me...
We are having a wonderful summer so far. My DH hates the heat, but I love it. Being that I spend 10 months of the year in a sweater, I can't get enough.
Our basement refurbishment project is still far from the end, but I have to give the DH a credit for working down there almost daily till 10 pm. I guess it has to look really bad before it will start looking really good. (We are currently at the very baaaad look.)
Anyway, I've decided that I have to try and make an effort to be in bed around midnight and I'm already a few minutes late. And so bye for now.


Bohemian Rose Freebie at Busyscrappin

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

Here I come with the new freebie you can grab at the store Busyscrappin (click on freebies, no registration necessary.). It's a quick page made with my new kit Bohemian Rose. You can find the new kit on sale there also.


Bohemian Rose

OK, so I am done with this kit of mine, lol. I could have gone forever, but it's getting too big. I'll probably just end up making a add-on sometime later. I can't wait to see all the great LOs my CT friends make with it. I just get so excited to see what other girls think up using my kits.
Anyway, it's almost 1 am again and I am going to turn in for the night. Tomorrow should be my easy day, as I want to take a little time away from the computer. My wrist started to hurt, so it's probably due.


I've been sitting on my computer the whole night. My DD went to bed at 8 and I had a lot of time to myself, as my DH won't fly in till around midnight. I've worked a little on my new kit, which now has a name - Bohemian Rose. I even tried to make a LO with it. I could tell that the kit needs a few more things, but I see the light on the end of the tunnel, lol. Here is the LO I made. It's my DD at about 6 months. I always loved this photo, juts the expression on her face, such an angel. Anyway, time to turn in for the night. Thanks for looking.


Freebie at the store Busyscrappin

Sorry, this freebie has expired.

And yet another freebie to share with you this week:

Here is my freebie for the store Busyscrapin where I joined yesterday.
There is a whole lot of freebies released today, so go check it out.

I am still working on the new kit. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this weekend. It's been a while since my last kit and I am so happy to be able to get back to my designing after all the work with the stores. So come back in a couple of days to check it out.


Freebie at the store Ahhh Scrap!

Note: Sorry, this freebie has expired. Now available at the store Ahhh Scrap! for $1.49.

Here is my new freebie you can grab at
the store Ahhh Scrap!
(Click the image to download, or click HERE)

The freebie is a quick page made with my new kit Hopscotch, which can be purchased at the same store HERE

Good morning Everyone.
I am excited to say that I've finally started working on a new kit. For the last 2 weeks I've been so busy repackaging for the store and then taking a little trip that I barely had time to do much else. I am not complaining, it was fun. But I'm so happy to be back, lost in my Photoshop... (sometimes literally, lol...)
Here is one of the elements I've made so far. The kit will probably be a combo of gold and aqua blue, with some gems and jewels.
Otherwise not much happening in my world. DH is gone till Fri and my DD is running a bit of fewer since last night. I hope she gets better soon.


4th July Weekend

OK, I'm back. The weekend away was everything I needed. I feel so refreshed!
We ended up spending the 4th here, but on the 5th we left for my SIL's family cottage and stayed overnight. We had absolutely fabulous time! Klara got to spend lots of time with her cousins, which she absolutely loved. They spent both days swimming in the lake, tubing, picking blueberries, eating marshmallows and popsicles, lol... We took a few rides on the lake and my DH got to fish as much as he wanted. And I got to take photos of it all, lol.
I've made a couple of LOs with some of my photos from the weekend and have many more to scrap when I ever get the time. My DH leaves for a week tomorrow, so I'll be holding the fort on my own. I have a few ideas for a new kit, but it seems like I got accepted to another small store and so I might be busy re-packaging for there.
But life is good. I hope all of you are also enjoying your summer days.


Happy 4th of July, all!
I hope you're all having fun. It's beautiful out here in Wisconsin today. We are not doing much. Klara is playing in and out, a little in the pool, a little with her Littlest Pet-shop toys... Tonight there are fireworks in a nearby town, so we are going out there to see. Tomorrow we'll go to my SIL's cabin to spend the weekend. It should be a lot of fun, since my DD loves to play with her cousins.
Last night I've worked a little on one of my first kits, Girly Girl... Well, actually, I've been up till 2.30 am trying to finish everything off. This might be the final version.
Today I got a minute to play and I made this LO of Klara's toy unicorn, all dressed up in front of the mirror. It's so cute to watch my DD play with all her imaginary friends...
Anyway, 'll be gone for a couple of days, but on Mon I should be back here with a freebie LO for you all.


Hello Everyone.
Finally I got some time to play. I've made a quick LO of my DD helping daddy work in the basement with the drywall. It was so fun to watch. She spent good 10 minutes trying to screw the screws into every hole she found and when they didn't quite go in, tried to hammer them in. The two of us stood back and watched her work. She was so into it, she didn't even try to pose when I brought the camera down to make some shots...