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New kit and some photos from Slovakia

Hello Everyone....finally.
I know I took a little more time posting these photos than I thought I would, but you know, the life got in the way.....again.
So, before I show you just a few photos from the visit at home, I wanted to show you this newest kit I have just finished this week. It's already in the stores and I hope you'll like it. I've used a lot of material from my photos that I took in Europe. I think it goes beautifully with any vacation or travel photos. Take a lookie:

Here are some LOs made with the kit. The first two are made by Erika and the last one by me. You can grab that one today as a freebie at the end of the post.And here are some photos from Slovakia:
This is village called Cicmany, where the houses are decorated with the white paint. I haven't heard of any other place in Slovakia that has the houses decorated this way.
We visited 4 different castles, some in working order, some just preserved against falling to complete ruins. Here is the castle Strecno in the north of Slovakia: (My sister and her husband came with us.)
One of the near by villages to where my family lives has this state of art nativity scene, which is now displayed all year round. The people and animals in it move. It's really a great place to take the kids, they can stare at all the stuff forever. :-) The place is called Rajecka Lesna. We visited with my sis, her hubby and my mom.One of the most popular castles in Slovakia is in the town Bojnice. My DD was really excited about visiting that one, because I've promissed her we'd go before we even left for Europe. She decided to pack her favorite princess dress for the occasion. This trip was also a blast.In Slovakia, the May first is traditionally celebrated as a day of love. There was a program in town we went to see featuring some traditional Slovak dances and music. We visited one of my high school girlfriends, who lives on a little farm with some animals. They just had a brand new couple of kids. DD was absolutely smitten. :-)We went for a lot of walks with my mom and my sister. The weather was just beautiful and DD loved being outside for hours. Here are some photos of her with my sister, mom and mom's dog Ata.

I have many more photos to share, I just didn't want to scare you with a single long post. I'll post some more next time.

Finally, I have a freebie to share with you. It's made with my newest kit. Enjoy it. Download here.


We're back

Hello girls.

Yeah, yeah, I meant to write from Europe, but somehow it didn't happen...
Anyway, I am back, trying to catch up with everything that needs to be done. I should be back in a couple of days with the previews of my collab contributions for 2 of my stores and hopefully with some pictures from Europe. Please bear with me for another day or two.