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Hello girls.
I have some wonderful offers for all of you in all of the stores where I sell and also a link to a great freebie.

First of all I want to show you 2 wonderful Black Friday Bundles I have prepared for you. These are priced at a great 60% off of the regular price of the kits and I also have a coupon ready for my blog readers. You can get each of them with an extra $1.00 off if you use the coupon codes under each preview.

coupon code: blogdiscount1

coupon code: blogdiscount2

Also, you will find great deals on all my products at each store. Everything including CU is marked down to 50% and more off.

Shop here:

And here is a wonderful freebie made by Heather, one of the brand new CT girls at the Pretty Scrappy store. If you like it, download it off of her site HERE.
(It is only available for 7 days!)



Hello girls.
I know, I know, long time no see.....
I have been so busy with the baby, work, appointments and all the little stuff that always needs to be done, though nobody really sees it (unless it's left undone) that I barely had time to get on the computer and design. My DH upgraded my computer and now I have a huge monitor, just perfect for playing with PS, but no time to try it out....

My baby boy turned 6 weeks this last Monday. I can not believe it. Where did the time go?!
He is so sweet and he grows so very fast. He is getting stronger every day. He still keeps me up every night till almost 2am, but I can always hope that eventually we'll get the right schedule down. I am really happy I signed my DD down for the afternoon sessions at the preschool
And here he is at 1 month:

And here is the kit I'd like to let you sample today:
It's called SISTERS and both the kit and the matching quick page album is in most of my stores now:

As always I have some LOs made with the kit to show you:
These 4 LOs are made by me with the photos of my sis and I and my kids:
These 2 are made by Erika:By Marbella: 2 LOs by Semianka:LO by Manuela:LO made by Sarah:LO made by March:LO made by Catgodess:And one more by Bethany:And here is the freebie sampler made with this kit:
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