New Products


My last store closes today.

Hello girls.

I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who stopped by and wished me all the best in the future.
I appreciate your comments very much.

My store at ACOT is finally closing down today and I hope I gave you enough notice to grab all the products you needed. 
If you ever find yourself in a need of any of my products, please contact me and we can figure out some way to get them to you.

I am looking forward to sharing some of my scrapbooking creations with you soon. I have been taking a break from the computer for a few weeks, but I have started scrapping my DD's yearbook and will be posting some of my favorite LOs.

Once again, thanks for the wonderful support and I will see you soon.




Hello girls.

I guess I have some news to share with you today.
After much thought I have decided to retire from the active designing for the stores.
I have been weighing my options for some time now and this seems like the best decision for me.

I am very excited about many projects going on in my life right now and designing for 20+ hours a week in the evening was just taking way too much of my energy. I don't think I will stop designing entirely, but not participating in any store will give me the freedom to do it at my own pace.

I am excited to do much more scrapbooking and photography. I'd like to share these projects with you here on my blog or at the forums where most of you know me from.
I am also planning on guesting at some new stores for a limited time once in a while, but it will be after some much needed break.

As I was setting my retirement sale I have also learned just hours ago that Inspiration Lane store will be closing on a very short notice, due to the arrangement with their host. I hate giving you such a short notice for getting to my discounted products at this store, but this really was the best I could do. Luckily, my store at ACOT will be open till the end of Feb, so that should give you more time.

And finally just to say thank you for sticking with my on this journey, here is a little freebie for you. Hopefully I will be able to surprise you with some more in the future.