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Hello everyone!
I did manage to finish the kit before the weekend after all. It's called Expectation and you can find it at
Bouquet Of Pixels
Ahhh Scrap!
It is on an introductory sale for a week.
Here are some LOs my CTs and I made using this kit.
Marbella, Myself, Bara

Marbella, Zuzka, Petra

And here are some more LOs made with my older kits:
Marbella, Manuela


Anyway, it seems there are some changes about to happen in my life and I am really excited about them, but nothing is for certain yet, so I won't make any announcement just yet. I hope I will be able to keep designing as I did before, because it's really fun and I love seeing all the wonderful designs people make with my creations. But I am sure I will have more news for you next week.

Before I share my next freebie with you, I would like to tell you that there's been a new charity collab released by a large group of designers from Australia and all over the world. Its proceedings will go towards the Australian charities helping the people put in the harms way in the bush fires.
If you'd like to consider donating money and getting their cute kit in exchange, you can find all the info on this blog:
http://digilovers- addiction. blogspot. com/

And here is the freebie for this week: It's a BB page made with the new kit. I hope you like it.
Download the freebie HERE


New CU and preview of the newest kit.

Hello girls.
So, the "real" life got in the way of my on-line life this week and I have not been able to design much in the last few days. I have made another CU product and posted it in some stores and I have about a half of my newest kit finished. I am hoping that this time it will be ready for the stores by the weekend.
This is going to be a short post before I have to run and deal with all the other stuff that came up, but I wanted to let you know that for 3 days only I am having a huge 50% off sale at the Bouquet Of Pixels on all my kits, if you purchase a minimum of $5 (after the half off). So in case you'd like to get any of my latest kits, this is probably as low as they'll ever be, lol.

Here is the preview of the newest CU item. I have another one almost ready, mostly with ties, ribbons and strings.
I really hope I'll be back with the newest kit by the weekend. So far the only think I can show you is the papers pack. Here goes:PS: Thank you all for the wonderful messages and comments. I really appreciate you finding the time to write to me.


CU Items and Freebie

I hope you are all doing well.
I have had a busy week although nothing much was going on. Just the regular time-wasters, lol.
I have however accomplished one task I was putting off forever. I have finally packaged some of my CU items and put them in the stores. I have made a lot of elements from photos as I was needing them for my kits and I always wanted to share them eventually, but never quite got to it. So now I finally have 5 CU items, mostly ribbons, bows and some foliage.

Before I show you the new items, I want to share a couple of photos from the last weekend. My DH is a huge snowmobiling fan and he managed to get us a second snowmobile for this season. On Saturday was my first, maiden voyage onto the plains, lol. Unfortunately I don't have photos from the ride because my big ol' camera would not stand the ride, but I have a couple of photos of my DD and I trying out the sleds. I know, nothing too exciting, but that's all I have. We had such a good time riding, we spent a few hours outside and it was such a blast! I loved it. My DH was telling me towards the end to try going a little faster. His exact words were: "Try 60, scare yourself a little.." And the reply was "Honey, I am going 40 and I'm scared plenty enough.." But this was on the family property and there wasn't too much space to just go straight for miles at the end, it was all curvy and my defense... Needles to say, 2 days after the ride I am having difficulty moving my arms and legs, my whole body feels like a train wreck. But it was worth it. I hope we'll get a little snow before the end of the season so we can go riding again.
Before I forget, I want to share some more CT LOs with you. I am so pleased with all of them, the girls do such a great job!

Erika, Marbella, Di

Di, Di, Ilona


And here are the new CU items. I hope some of you can make use of them.
(Click on the picture to get to the store.)

And of course, here is my freebie as always. This time it's CU to match the new items. Enjoy.

Download HERE
And now that I got all these out of the way, I am going to get back to making my newest kit. It's going to be something fresh for spring. I have just started, so I can't tell you much, lol.

Well guys, keep safe and I'll be back soon.


Photos, LOs and a Freebie.

Hello everyone.
I am returning with some photos as I promised. Only once I started downloading them I realized that I haven't done so in over a month, which is really unusual for me, since I usually download them every day or two. I guess I got a little busier than usual...

Here are a few pictures of my DD in her own little world, lol:
Having a tea party with friends:This apparently is what a bride should look like (DD chose the clothes herself, don't blame me.):Chocolate face. My DD loves to bake brownies....:We made this little ice rink in the back yard. DD trying to skate:And finally, my proud little ballerina :I have many more, but I don't want to make this post 3 pages long.

I wanted to share with you some more LOs made by my CTs and girls from my one kit call:

These are made by Manuela with my kit Loves Me - Loves Me Not

These were made by Manuela, Julie and Kristen:

And these are made by Tina, Katie and Jennifer:

Also, I have a brand new freebie at the Bouquet of Pixels, so I am going to post the link here. It's a quick page made with the latest kit Young Love. I hope you like it. The sale is still on, if you'd like to grab any of my Valentine kits. You can have them for 30% less.
And here is the freebie. Enjoy!

This Freebie has expired and is now available at the store for $1.00.Download at the store HERE.

And here is the whole kit: