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New CU, photos and Sales

Hey girls.

Just a quick note today.
I have been very busy with my sister and her hubby visiting. We really are having a blast. Tomorrow we are leaving for a trip to the lake Superior and we'll be gone till Wed.

Before we go, I thought I'd share a few photos of the kids and my family:

Before I leave, I wanted to let you know that all my products are on sale at both IL and ACOT, so head to the stores if you have any of my products on your wish list. :-)

Also, here is a preview of the new CU set of frames available at the IL.

OK, I really have to run now. It's way past 1am and I am still not done with my work...and packing.... :-(

I'll be back soon, hopefully with some more photos from this trip... and some coupons. :-)



We baptized my DS.

As I promised I am going to share a photo from my son's baptism ceremony we had last Sun. My sister and her husband finally came last Thu to stay with us and we baptized Cameron at our local church. It was a nice little ceremony for our family only after the mass. Cameron did so well. Luckily he had a nap during the mass and was all fresh and happy for the ceremony.

Also, after the mass my sister and her husband were welcomed to our community and many of our church members came to talk to them. Everyone tried to brush up on their Czech. :-) It was cute.

After church we had some family over for a party at our house and we BBQd, played games and just had fun.
It is so nice to have my sister around. We did go shopping already and visited a few of my favorite places around here, but we are also happy to just chill out at home, play with the kids, drink coffee and talk. My BIL likes to go fishing with my hubby too.

Oh, today I took both of them for a coffee at a local coffee shop. As it's common here to be served the coffee in paper cups, I asked the person serving us if he could make my BIL's shot of espresso in a regular small espresso porcelain cup and my sis also wanted her cappuccino in a porcelain cup. I said I'd take mine in a paper cup, so I could take it with me if I don't finish it at the shop. The person serving us must have understood that I've changed my mind and ordered all of them in paper cups. It wasn't really a big deal, only my BIL's espresso came in this huge paper cup and the whole drink was like a half inch of strong coffee on the bottom. I teased him that they must have cleaned the coffee machine into his cup by mistake.... note to self: Make absolutely sure the person serving understands me when I ask for an espresso shot in a porcelain cup the next time we go, or I might end up going by myself for the rest of their stay....



Little Diva Layouts

Here is the promised slide show of the LOs made with my latest kit Little Diva:


New Kit "Little Diva"

And here is the newest kit:

It's called "Little Diva". I hope you'll enjoy using it as much as I did.
:::Inspiration Lane:::

And for those lucky first 3 shoppers here's a 50% off coupon on the Little Diva at my store at IL:
(Trying to incorporate the summer theme I guess...)

Here are a couple of LOs I've made using the kit:

Before I sign off today I want to let you know that I will be MIA for the next few weeks. My sister and her hubby are finally on their way and will be here in just a few hours. I am trying to do all the little things that I want done before they get here. It's hard to try and give your house a good cleaning and also pick up extra hours at work so you will have less to do once your family is here. Let's just say it's not working out for me too well...and what's up with sitting on the computer, updating my blog, right?

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that for the next 4 weeks I will be busy entertaining my family and hopefully taking some time off myself, but I should be back to normal by the end of August and I am really hoping that from Sep I will actually be able to spend more time designing....only the time will tell. In the mean time do enjoy the sales I have set at the stores IL and the closing sale at AS (50% till the end of July). I might set up some more sales later on, depending on the time I'll have to play online.

I will be posting a slide show of my CT LOs soon and I will try and share a few photos from my sister's visit too.



Sneak Peek of the new kit.

Hey girlies,
here is the preview of my newest kit soon to be revealed. Stay tuned.



LOs made with the kit ~Beautiful~

Hello girls.

As I promised, here is the slide show of the LOs made by my CT girls with the newest kit Beautiful:

Stay tuned for the newest kit ready to be released this weekend. :-)



The new kit BEAUTIFUL and a FREEBIE

Hello girls.

The weekend is here! Yay! Not that it makes any difference in how much work needs to be done, lol, but at least my DH is around to talk to, which is much better than the choice of a little persistent screamer or a never-ending stream of questions asked by a 5 3/4 (be precise about the number please) year-old...

Anyway, I've promised to let you see my newest kit called Beautiful. Soo, here it is:

I have created some LOs with it and I have to say I love the look. I am starting on the year book for my baby boy, since he's already 9 mos old and I don't want to start too late. I have my DD's year book to make as well, so now it's twice the work...and twice the fun :-)

I have made these LOs with the kit so far:

I will be back soon to share the LOs of my CT girls too.

I have promised you a little sampler wit this kit and here it is:


And have a great weekend. :-)



Closing down my store at the Ahhh Scrap

Hey girls.
The time has come to close down my store at the Ahhh Scrap. Head down there for a great sale 40% off on everything till the end of the month.

Access the store HERE.


You and Me add on

Hi girls.

As many of you might know, the CT appreciation week 2010 is starting right now. We should be seeing many awesome LOs from hundreds of CTs participating.
Unfortunately, my part of the collab was not ready on time (how typical) and is not included in the kit. :-( But since I have already made it, I decided to post it here on my blog. That way you all get to enjoy it. :-)

Sneak Peek of the newest kit.

Hello girls.
Hopefully you all had a wonderful 4th July. My family and I didn't do anything special since all but my DD are sick. But we still took the kids to the fireworks and they both loved it. With the first explosion the baby totally freaked out but eventually he decided it was OK to lay on my shoulder and peek at the colorful lights. :-)
Speaking of peeking, here is a sneak peek of my latest kit. It will be in the stores any day. I also have a goodie ready for you with this one.