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It's been almost a week since I joined the designer team at Ahhh Scrap! It's been very exciting and very busy. A few of my kits are already posted on the site and I am working on the rest. I haven't been able to work much on anything else, but I put together one of the LOs I've been working on last week and I've put the newest kit up for sale at the store Ahhh Scrap! (Serene by RW) It should appear there pretty soon.
Here is the LO I've made:
My DD is loving the summer, although she'll make sure to tell you that she prefers the snow every time the topic of seasons comes up...
The other day we had a lady from the Family Resource Center come and evaluate her for preschool. She asked my DD what her last name was. She said: An Actress (that's what my DH and I call her quite often lately... )


Good News

I am so excited today!
Last night I've written to one of the girls at the new store named Ahhh Scrap!, which is opening on Monday, 23rd. I've heard back today and got a spot on the Designer Team for the Store. I am so Excited! (Yes, I've mentioned that already...)
I can't wait to see how I'll do. It should be a lot of fun! I've never cooperated with other designers, so this will be something new.
For the opening of the store, there will be a bunch of freebies from all the designers, so don't forget to check it out. I will post a link on the left once the store is running.
Here is the freebie I'm going to be posting: (Click on it to download.)
I also got to work a little on my kit. Here is a preview, although everything is not finished yet. I might wrap it all up tomorrow night. I also have a couple of LOs that I've started to work on, but there's just not enough hours in my day, lol.
My DH took our DD down to the river to fish a little. Our in-laws live nearby and so I stayed there and promised them that I'll come down in a few minutes, join them and will take a few pictures.. Only I was chatting away when the truck pulled into the driveway maybe an hour later.... I guess there's a sign that I'm deprived of adult conversation....


Today was one of those days when you feel like you haven't done much, although you've been busy the whole day. I've spent most of it between cleaning, laundry, cooking, watching my daughter play in her little pool and garden. Oh, and I made myself run on the treadmill for a whole 20 min, ouch, lol. But I was also able to sit down in between and play on the computer a little.
I've made 3 LOs with some old pictures waiting to be scrapped:

After my darlings went to bed, I've worked on the new kit a little. I think I'll call it the Hopscotch... I have a lot done, but it will take a while till it's finished. Here is a little preview of some of the papers and elements. I only put it together in a couple of minutes, since it's past midnight and I am really trying hard to start going to bed before 12. So excuse the untrimmed look. I also made the last of the LOs above with it, just trying it out.
Anyway, I think it's finally time to turn in for the day.


Hello everyone.
Thanks for the nice comments about my new Kit Moss Whisper. Made me very happy.
Yesterday and the day before my husband started the work in the basement and I am helping out a little (well, very very little, LOL ).
I decided to take Monday off from the computer as I thought a mini-break from scrapbooking was due, but yesterday I ended up back on it. I am too addicted to take more than a couple of days off. I've started working on a new kit. For now I'm just trying to figure out what's the look going to be. I have something in mind, but the pieces seem to have a mind of their own.... I'll see where they'll get me, LOL. I think we'll all just have to wait and see.
Anyway, my DH is off today and so I have a feeling that I'll go help him in the basement a little... If only by keeping him company... But the night will be mine and the computer's.
Hope all of you are having a great summer day. Best Regards.


Here is just a quick layout today. For some reason I feel like I've been up for last 3 days straight. I better go try make it to bed before midnight, LOL, that might help...
Today's been so nice outside, not too cold and not too warm. My DH mowed the lawn after he got back from work, bless him. When he works in the yard he usually leaves the gate open. Our 3 yr old daughter decided to use this opportunity to go visit her friend next door. We didn't realize till a few minutes later and had to go look for her. Although I pretty much knew where I'll find her, it was still a little worrying. Needless to say I had to drag her home. The neighbors must have thought that I was crazy...well, never mind. Better safe than sorry. (For those who don't know my story, we've just moved to a new town and the neighbor kids always play my defense, LOL....)

Freebie Happy Birthday

Download on the bottom of this message.

Hello Everyone.

I am happy to announce that my new kit
Moss Whisper
is finally finished and up for sale HERE for just $3.74 introductory price.

Below is the freebie for this week. It's a quick page made with my digital kit
Magic Box

You can get the whole kit for $2.99 HERE

To download the freebie Happy Birthday click on the picture below

Please leave a comment, they really make me happy. LOL

Today I wanted to scrap
some of my
pictures from our trip to Slovakia last summer. I have some very cute pictures waiting to be scrapped. I've made this one layout and tried two different backgrounds with it. For the life of me I can't make up my mind about which one I like more... What do you think?


Here is the page I made about Klara using her stickers for accessories. I've used my digital kit Strawberry Giggle.



All right. Seems like I'm pretty much done with this kit. I need to wrap it up and post it in my sale on Ebay, but I might be able to do that tonight yet.
My DH took our little girl to visit his friend and after that grandparents, so I had this evening to myself... love when that happens. :-D
The weather here seems to be finally getting better, let's hope it'll stay that way for a while.
My hubby has started on refurbishing our basement and today was his big shopping day. I could see the sparkles in his eyes when he left for the store. He came back with all kinds of lumber and dry wall and tools and miscellaneous material... it took him a couple of hours to drag it all down to the basement. The big summer project can start.
Meanwhile, we are getting some visitors here in the new house...which is weird, because we never used to get any in the old house. Since I am not from here and my hubby was gone for a few years, we are only starting to catch up with the community. :-D So today his old friend from school stopped by with the whole family and after they had a look at the new house, we sat around on the deck enjoying the nice day and chatting.... Something new for us (well, at least in this town...)
Anyway, I have some hour or two before they come back, so I better go and finish this kit.


Finally a nice hot day! Didn't look like it, but by the end of the day it must have been well over 70. Some of you are probably laughing like my friends from Arizona and Dallas ...hey guys, you know who you are, but I'll take it after the days of rain and cold. My friend's friend had a garage sale today and asked me to bring over some stuff if I have any to sell....showed up with 4 tubs. But we had fun, Klara got to play with a bunch of boys and their old toys. :) Oh, by the way, I've just learned that I now have a web site. My husband's cousin just set it up for me (thanks, Danny). Better go check it out and try to figure out what to do with it, oh my.... Any ideas are welcome! Here is the page I made today trying out the embellishments for my new kit:


So, we are having yet another 'summer' day filled with storms. My daughter and I aren't doing much, just chilling at home. I really get down when the days get dark and stormy...
But I've worked some more on my new kit which I now call the Moss Whisper. I was talking to my hubby and mentioned the new name, asking him how he liked it. He thought that all this scrapbooking stuff gets all too fancy. I laughed and asked whether he'd just have me call it The Mold. He laughed too and said, Oh yes, just call it The Talking Mold, see how it'll do.
And so, on your left I am proud to present the finished papers for my new kit Moss Whisper aka Talking Mold.

I know I should first finish this kit before I start using it, but I'm just too excited and eager to try it out. This is the page I made yesterday, using some of the elements I have made so far.
The kit will be called the Moss Whisper and I will probably have it in my Ebay sale by this weekend.
Thanks for looking.


Hello everyone.
HERE is the freebie for this week.
The page is made with my digital scrapbooking kit Smile. You can find it in the link to my Ebay sales at the top
Check out my new kit Magic Box and the kit I'm currently working on, the Moss Whisper. You can find a preview of that one below and on the top left.
Thanks for stopping by.

You can also grab my last week's freebie layout Splash HERE. I had to reload the link but it's up and running again.

I am almost done with the papers and some of the elements on this kit. I might finish it by weekend after all.

Meanwhile.... although the weather around here just doesn't want to stay summery, we managed to have some fun outside. Yesterday I've made a layout with my daughter jumping in the puddles.


I did finally get the preview together for my new kit.
Here it is. It might take a while till I'll get this one done though. The life gets a bit busier around here in the summer. But what do you know, I might catch a second wind in a few days. LOL

Also, if you made any pages with my other kits that you might want to share, please email me or send me a link to the galleries where you display them, I'd love to see.

Have a great rest of the weekend.


OK, the kit is ready now. I have to wrap it up, but it will be on sale on Ebay tonight. Already have an idea for the next one. I'll try to start working on it tonight and tomorrow will let you have a peak.
Here are some pages I've made for my galleries today:


Yesterday I've scrapped some of Klara's Easter pictures and here are the layouts I've come up with:
Well, actually one of them is out of my album Easter, which is really a plopper page. The second one is done with my kit Magic Box. Thanks for looking.


The Freebie Layout

Hello. I hope all of you had a great weekend. We did.
Since I've uploaded the page Splash onto the galleries, I've had some wonderful responses. Thank you all for writing. I've decided that since a few of you liked it, I should probably share it with you. (Obviously, without my daughter's pic.
I am attaching the link to the free download HERE.

If you like it, please write a word or two.
If you'd like the whole kit, it's on sale on Ebay. (Stardust, $2.49.)
Ebay has a policy about digitally downloadable goods and so I have a shipping charge on all my products, but if you'd like a same-day download, this is also available and I zero-out your shipping charges in the invoice before you pay. I know that all these Ebay shopping rules get a bit cumbersome, but as a internet-challenged person, I am still trying to figure out faster ways.

PS: Someone just let me know that this link was invalid. I've re-loaded it, so it should be good to go again. Sorry for the delay.