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I hope you are all enjoying the sunny summer days. We are having such a great weather. I hope it will last for a while. We are thinking of taking a trip up north next weekend and I hope it's going to be nice outside. We'd like to drive up to the lake Superior. All of us would really love to lay on the beach and soak some sun.
We might end up going to my SIL's cabin instead, but that would be just as good.
My DH is finally finishing off one room in the basement. He did everything himself and it looks great. I'm so proud of him. All we need to do is to lay the tile for the floor and put up some trims. Oh, and fix the door frame. But it should be done in a matter of days. So that makes me mighty happy. Then I can finally clean all that mess my HD made down there, lol.
I have been working on the new kit for the last few days and I'm loving it. I would like to make some more elements, but it's getting too big. Might have to give some away in a frebie, lol.
Here is a preview of a LO I've made trying the kit out and also a preview of the papers. I've added another paper, the floral design you can see on the LO, but that should be final.
The whole kit should be in stores in a couple of days.
Meanwhile, I am having a 30% sale at the Ahhh Scrap! store starting tomorrow, so if you like any of my kits, you can grab them for a great price for 3 days. There will be a freebie at the store to make it worth your while, lol. I'll post a link to it later on today.

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