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All right. Seems like I'm pretty much done with this kit. I need to wrap it up and post it in my sale on Ebay, but I might be able to do that tonight yet.
My DH took our little girl to visit his friend and after that grandparents, so I had this evening to myself... love when that happens. :-D
The weather here seems to be finally getting better, let's hope it'll stay that way for a while.
My hubby has started on refurbishing our basement and today was his big shopping day. I could see the sparkles in his eyes when he left for the store. He came back with all kinds of lumber and dry wall and tools and miscellaneous material... it took him a couple of hours to drag it all down to the basement. The big summer project can start.
Meanwhile, we are getting some visitors here in the new house...which is weird, because we never used to get any in the old house. Since I am not from here and my hubby was gone for a few years, we are only starting to catch up with the community. :-D So today his old friend from school stopped by with the whole family and after they had a look at the new house, we sat around on the deck enjoying the nice day and chatting.... Something new for us (well, at least in this town...)
Anyway, I have some hour or two before they come back, so I better go and finish this kit.

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