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Here is just a quick layout today. For some reason I feel like I've been up for last 3 days straight. I better go try make it to bed before midnight, LOL, that might help...
Today's been so nice outside, not too cold and not too warm. My DH mowed the lawn after he got back from work, bless him. When he works in the yard he usually leaves the gate open. Our 3 yr old daughter decided to use this opportunity to go visit her friend next door. We didn't realize till a few minutes later and had to go look for her. Although I pretty much knew where I'll find her, it was still a little worrying. Needless to say I had to drag her home. The neighbors must have thought that I was crazy...well, never mind. Better safe than sorry. (For those who don't know my story, we've just moved to a new town and the neighbor kids always play my defense, LOL....)

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Erika H. said...

Oh, now that is cute! I love the layout, the rich colors...great page.