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Starting on a new kit.

I was going to take it easy for the next few days, but the computer has me under the spell... or otherwise I'm simply just addicted. I've taken a day off after I finished the BohemianRose (well, kind of) and then the next day I've decided to just try it out and make a LO and the next day I had this idea of making a kit for siblings. I want to call it 'Bro and Sis' and I am hoping that I'll manage to keep my feminine side at bay, for once, but as of now I am failing miserably. Give me a chance though, I'll work on it really hard. You'll probably laugh when you see the preview with this post, but we'll see who'll be laughing at the end (probably still you..)
I am also attaching my new LO made with Bohemian Rose. It's my DD on our biking trip. Her fashion sense still slays me...
We are having a wonderful summer so far. My DH hates the heat, but I love it. Being that I spend 10 months of the year in a sweater, I can't get enough.
Our basement refurbishment project is still far from the end, but I have to give the DH a credit for working down there almost daily till 10 pm. I guess it has to look really bad before it will start looking really good. (We are currently at the very baaaad look.)
Anyway, I've decided that I have to try and make an effort to be in bed around midnight and I'm already a few minutes late. And so bye for now.

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Lu Walker said...

Pretty cute! The bohemian rose kit really turned out well. I can't wait for your newest one!