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Mix 'N Match at Ahhh Scrap!

Hello everyone!

As I promised, September is going to be pretty busy at all of my stores.
Today I am here to announce a brand new category opening at Ahhh Scrap! store.

We are introducing a category called
and it's basically a category created with the same color combo while the designers are free to contribute in any way they like. They can create as many or few products as they like and you are able to take a pick at whichever products you want. It's like creating your personalized collaboration kit.
These mini kits will be introduced each month at $1 each for the first week and $2 for the following week. After that they will be priced at their regular price.

Here is my mini kit made with the September color combo. You can find the rest of the mini kits here, at the AHHH SCRAP! store.

As I have said at the beginning, I have many other announcements to make in the next couple of days, so be sure to stop by for many free goodies and my new releases.

Designs by New Moon

Here is a quick announcement from my fellow Ahhh Scrap! Designer:

Visit my store and see all my Commercial and Personal Use Scrap items. My terms are really generous for CU usage, designers can use as little or all of my products in a kit for their customers personal usage only.


New Kit and store news

Hello girls!

Oh my, where did the month of August go?! One more week and the school is starting!
Anyway, at least I only have a few days to go till my delivery. There's still so much to do...

First of all I'd like to announce that I have started selling my designs at another wonderful store. The designers there are really fabulous, so working there with them is an honor. I am also having an introductory sale there till the end of the month, in case you want to check it out. Here is the link:

It's been a busy time at all of my other stores too this past few weeks. Every one of them is preparing a whole bunch of goodies for September.

We are getting ready to launch a blog train at Pretty Scrappy, Ahhh Scrap! will be releasing a brand new and fun category on Sep 1st and all of the stores have wonderful store collaboration kits ready to release. September should be fun. Also, at Ahhh Scrap! the Tuesday dollar days are getting really popular, since a lot of designers offer their brand new products on a bargain price.

And now some information on my newest releases. I do apologize for having to slow down a little, but sitting by my computer is not as much fun these days as it used to be. But I'll still try to release a kit or 2 a month.
Here are a few LOs I've collected from my CTs, made with my older kits: These are done with Little Boy's Dream:
By Sarah:
2 LOs by Renee:
By Judy:
By Bethany:
2 LOs made by Di:
By Manuela:
LOs made with my kit Loves Me - Loves Me Not:
By Christie:
By Lanesmom:

And now let me introduce my latest kit called Tutti Frutti.
This adorable and colorful kit is packed with super cute papers and elements, perfect for any girly layout.
Included are 11 textured and/or patterned papers, 1 alpha and 41 elements, some in multiple colors: 1 bow in 2 different colors, one patterned, 7 pieces of flair, 3 different frames
7 various stickers, 2 borders, 2 buttons, 1 chest of drawers element, 2 various glitter elements, 1 flair doodle, 1 flair flower overlay element, 2 paper fasteners, 1 feather, 1 butterfly with shadow, 2 tags, 2 string elements, one in 2 colors, 1 pinned string element, 1 ribbon element, 1 tied ribbon element in 3 colors, one with a handle, 1 leaf element, 2 word art elements.

You can also get a matching set of BB pages:
And here are some LOs made with the kit:
2 LOs made by me:
2 LOs made by Erika:
Made by Manuela:
2 LOs made by Marbella:
2 LOs made by Semianka:
Made by Judy:
2 LOs made by Di:

And finally one more LO made by me as a sampler, available today as a freebie: Download HERE:


'Smarty Pants' Collab and Sales at the stores!

Hello girls.
Finally back with a bunch of announcements...

First off, as you probably know by now, I am pregnant......very, very pregnant, lol. Finally I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I think I have some 7, 8 weeks to go... But I am getting soo tired. :-( I hope I'll be able to make a couple of little things for you before I'll have to take some time off.
For now, I have a new release and a couple of sales to advertise:
This is the kit I have promised you last week, right before my computer decided to take a weekend off, lol. Luckily I am back and running and so I was able to put the kit in the stores. It's a collaboration with a couple of my good friends, Erika of Inkin' Creations and Vicki of Digilover's Addiction.
It's called Smarty Pants
and the theme, of course, is school. We all have kids who are super excited about going back to school (which translates as young enough that they don't complain about it, lol..)
I hope you'll like the designs we came up with. We also created an album of 9 BB pages for those of you who like their LOs done in minutes.

Here is the preview of some of my contribution to the collab: And some LOs I've done with the kit. You'll be able to download the first one of these pages as a sampler if you like it. (Scroll to the end of the post.)I also have couple more LOs to show you, made with my other latest creation,
Little Boy's Dream:
This one is made by Manuela:
And this one is made by me, with one of DD's photos from our trip to the lake Superior a few days ago:And now about the sales:
I have a sale going at both of my stores:

At Pretty Scrappy
we are running a store-wide sale 40% off till the 14th.
After that I'll be having a buy 2 get 1 free sale till Aug 22nd.

And at the Ahhh Scrap!
I have my whole store on sale 30% or more.
Some of my kits at AS are on a massive blow-out sale, since I am getting ready to retire the oldest kits and album. Go check it out.

And finally, here is the promised freebie: I hope you like it. Enjoy!


Tirza's Treasures new kit Polka Paisley.

Tirza's Treasures has a brand new kit that is sassy, pretty, spunky, and very girly, very feminine with a touch of tomboy and all in dots and paisleys. And of course, there has to be lots of bling.
Polka paisley is great for all kinds of girl pics from moms and grandmas, to daughters and best friends, even Fluffy. 23 different papers, 6 different frames, 1 mat, 1 buttoned ribbon with round tag, 2 curly ribbons, 3 ribbons, 1 trim, 1 paisley motif, 3 spiral journal pads, 3 different butterflies, 10 different brads/charms, 6 different buttons, 4 different bows, 1 lace, 4 flowers, 3 beaded accents.






Compter troubles...

Hey girls.

Today I only have a small post to make to let you know that my computer has suddenly died on me and so right now I am unable to load any of the products I have promised you this weekend.
I am really sorry about that. Right now I am working off of my husband's work computer, waiting till he fixes mine.... Hopefully it won't take longer than this weekend.
So, since I don't have any access to my stores or Photoshop, all I can do is wait. :-)
Once I get the products to the stores, I will extend the sales I have planned for this week, so you'll still be able to get them on the sale prices. I am really sorry for this.