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It's my birthday

It's my birthday today. I am turning 19 again.
I decided to create a coupon for those who are looking to spoil yourselves with a little something from my store.

Shop HERE and use the coupon BIRTHDAY (The coupon is good for 2 weeks.)


utski said...

happy b'day Renata! 19, eh? lol..

di basnett said...

Happy belated Birthday for the 2nd Renata. Hope you had a great day. Cheers, Di xx

Alyna said...

Happy Belated Birthday Renata! I hope it was a wonderful day for you! Thanks for the coupon.

Lou Ann said...

Happy Birthday Renata - hope you had an amazing day! I love that you are turning 19 again - forever young!

ckcpurple said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you so much for giving us a present. That was sweet.