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We baptized my DS.

As I promised I am going to share a photo from my son's baptism ceremony we had last Sun. My sister and her husband finally came last Thu to stay with us and we baptized Cameron at our local church. It was a nice little ceremony for our family only after the mass. Cameron did so well. Luckily he had a nap during the mass and was all fresh and happy for the ceremony.

Also, after the mass my sister and her husband were welcomed to our community and many of our church members came to talk to them. Everyone tried to brush up on their Czech. :-) It was cute.

After church we had some family over for a party at our house and we BBQd, played games and just had fun.
It is so nice to have my sister around. We did go shopping already and visited a few of my favorite places around here, but we are also happy to just chill out at home, play with the kids, drink coffee and talk. My BIL likes to go fishing with my hubby too.

Oh, today I took both of them for a coffee at a local coffee shop. As it's common here to be served the coffee in paper cups, I asked the person serving us if he could make my BIL's shot of espresso in a regular small espresso porcelain cup and my sis also wanted her cappuccino in a porcelain cup. I said I'd take mine in a paper cup, so I could take it with me if I don't finish it at the shop. The person serving us must have understood that I've changed my mind and ordered all of them in paper cups. It wasn't really a big deal, only my BIL's espresso came in this huge paper cup and the whole drink was like a half inch of strong coffee on the bottom. I teased him that they must have cleaned the coffee machine into his cup by mistake.... note to self: Make absolutely sure the person serving understands me when I ask for an espresso shot in a porcelain cup the next time we go, or I might end up going by myself for the rest of their stay....


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